Natural Cures for Puffy Eyes 

They say everything is more beautiful reflected in your eyes. And if your eyes are good, your whole body is good. But what if it’s the same thing that’s causing you misery whenever they tell you that you look like some hardworking, desperate person trying to make a living for ten people at home? If you’re looking for natural cures for puffy eyes, there are some good home remedies. You know you don’t want to be branded that way, and these bags under your eyes are to blame. Do you want to have shining and appealing eyes without reaching deep into your pocket? The best remedies for puffy eyes don’t have to be expensive. Look around your house. Your dream isn’t elusive at all.

Discover the home remedies for puffy eyes.

Cold and Drinking Water to reduce swelling

Upon arising, give yourself a surprise with splashes of cold water on your face. Now this may seem appalling, but the cool temperature causes vascular constriction and swelling reduction. 75% of our body is made up of water, so you might as well take in large amounts of water. When you are dehydrated, you body acts like a camel. It stores water for a long journey of waterless land, and it hides around your eyes. So get hydrated.

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Tea to reduce swelling of puffy eyes

Caffeinated tea also has a vascular constrictive effect and reduces swelling and herbal teas have anti-irritants that cure redness and inflammation. You might want to use your tea bags after drinking it and place it on your eyes with a cloth cover.  Make sure the tea bag is cool before applying.


Spoons for cooling

Cool your spoons in the fridge, lie down, close your eyes and place them with curved side down.


Cucumbers for vascular constriction

Aside from the cool and soothing effect of cucumbers, its astringent properties cause vascular constriction. Lean back and take a rest with 2 slices of cucumbers on closed eyes for 5-10minutes.


Egg whites for tightening

Beat 1-2 egg whites and apply them underneath your eyes with a soft brush or a cotton cloth. You skin will become tighter and look less puffy.


Potatoes for anti-inflammatory effects

European folk medicine has proven potatoes to have anti-inflammatory effects. Grate the potato into its finest form. Collect the pulp in a clean cloth and compress it over your eyelids then leave it for 15minutes.


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