Facial Exercises for Sagging Skin 

Can Facial Exercises reduce sagging skin?

Anti-aging regimens are at their peak thanks to the insecurities that come with sagging skin. When we lose that collagen and elasticity in the largest organ our body has to offer, most of us are quick to find a solution. My recommendation is to use only natural skin care products and to do some simple facial exercises at home.

  • The Whole Face- This is a two-part exercise that requires you to clinch your fists, inhale through your nose, and squeeze all your facial muscles at the same time. The second part involves sticking out your tongue as far as possible and exhaling out your mouth while rolling the eyes upward. Try it 3 times and that will do it.
  • The Trumpet Player- If you want to get rid of wrinkles then hold your breath so it looks like you’re playing the trumpet. Try to hold for 1 minute and then exhale slowly through the nose.
  • The Double Chin- Just look up at the ceiling and pretend you’re going to kiss it. This only needs to be done 5 times and you will feel the tightness in your neck.

Hope this helps! Try to do them every day.