How to Find the Best Facial Cleanser 

Knowing your skin type is the first clue to finding the best facial cleanser. Some of us have oily skin while others struggle with dry skin. Some even have a combination of both. You need to know your specific skin type before purchasing any facial cleanser. There are a few things you should know how to find the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

Look for natural ingredients like Natural Manuka Honey and avoid chemicals as they can be harsh and some may even be linked to cancer.

Avoid alcohol. A lot of cleansers use various types of alcohol including ethanol, isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. All of these should be avoided as they dry out your skin and make your skin look older.

Vitamin E is a great tool for keeping your skin healthy. Take a capsule and poke a hole in it, put the liquid directly onto your face. Over time you will see a huge difference in your skin’s health.

Don’t be fooled by marketing and packaging. Learn what ingredients work best for your skin. You can easily find this out online. You can research your skin type to learn what will work best for you. Try to avoid anything with fragrance in it as they simply clog pores and promote acne.

Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser

Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser

When cleansing your skin you should also look for a product that will help to exfoliate at the same time as cleansing. This helps to fight the signs of aging and slough off dead skin cells. You will get a much healthier glow with exfoliation.

Using facial cleanser does not have to include drying out your skin. Look for ingredients that moisturize while they clean. Remember to remove make-up every night as the chemicals in cosmetics can age you skin if not removed daily.