Good Fats to Anti Aging 

Good Fats to Fight Aging

You need essential fatty acids to live. These are essential items that come into play when your body needs to make hormones, chemicals in your body and cell membranes as well. These are the items that will help to make your body healthier and protect you from serious illness as well.

In fact, what you might not know is that these essential fatty acids have the ability to fight the signs of aging in your body as well. You will find that they have the ability to reduce the damage done to skin, improve heart health and reduce both acne and eczema on the skin as well.

The question then becomes what styles of good fats should you use? One is flaxseed oil. This is can be used in foods or taken as a supplement. In fact, if you want to have a delicious oil that can enhance the flavors of your salads, walnut oil has also been shown to be a delicious alternative.

Your other choice will be fish. Many people are aware that fish oil is excellent for the body. But it should only be consumed in moderation, there is mercury that can appear in these oils and can cause you to have some negative side effects. Omega 3 and fish oil is a strongly recommended supplement and good fat for anti aging as well as other health benefits, reversing the effects of photo-aging and protecting the skin from sun damage. This supplement improves your appearance from the inside out. Read more about how at .

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Keep these oils in mind and use them to help improve your overall health. Just remember that just like any item, they should be used in moderation for maximum benefit.