The ABCs- Natural Vitamins for Skin Care 

One of the concerns of people most especially women is to have a beautiful and flawless complexion. Proper nutrition and a natural skin care routine is the best way to achieve this goal. Your skin needs proper nutrition for protection against sunlight, dust and pollution. It is important to know what natural vitamins for skin care are significant when choosing which product you’ll use on your precious skin.

Below are the various vitamins for a youthful, glowing complexion and pertinent for your natural skin care routine.


Vitamin A – is one of the vitamins for healthy glow. It helps in maintaining beautiful skin and promotes proper repair of your damaged skin. Insufficient amount of Vitamin A can cause roughness, dryness and scaly skin. Topical Vitamin A can also be used as treatment to wrinkles and acne due to excessive sun exposure. Green-leafy vegetables are the best sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin B – is one of the best nutrients for your skin. It contains biotin that is an important element to have a healthy looking skin, nails and hair. Niacin is an element of vitamin B that makes your skin moist and well hydrated. Topically applied vitamin B-complex also makes your skin supple, toned, and helps to have that youthful glow.

Natural skincare overview

Vitamin C – also helps in protecting your skin from the damage of sun exposure that can cause premature aging. It lessens the damage caused by harmful free-radicals from sunlight, pollution and smoke. It also promotes wound healing and helps your skin look younger. Deficiency in vitamin C can cause scurvy which can manifest roughness on skin. Vitamin C rich foods are fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D – your body alone cannot produce vitamin D that is why your cells in the skin need ultraviolet rays from the sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. It is a powerful anti-carcinogen and antioxidant against free radicals caused by environmental hazards. It also plays an important role in pigmentation and in prevention of skin cancers.

Vitamin E – when joined with vitamin A it makes a strong antioxidant and prevents wrinkles and skin cancers which are the primary effects of excessive sun exposure. Topically applied vitamin E can reduce rough and dry skin and also serve as anti-aging skin care. It can be found in foods such as tomatoes, avocados, different kinds of nuts and vegetable oil.

Beautiful and healthy skin is one of the measurements that people are healthy inside. Instead of just applying pricey cosmetic products, you can take care of your skin by using natural skin care products and taking a nutritional multivitamin.

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