Everyone Benefits with DHA

It might come as a surprise for some to learn that American women have among the lowest levels of breast milk DHA in the world. DHA is a long chain omega-3 fatty acid. It is a safe medication that can be given to pregnant moms and has now been proven to aid infant mental and visual development. If there is deficient in DHA throughout the pregnancy, then there is a good chance of DHA deficiency in the children at birth. Taking DHA could avoid low birth weight, and premature delivery. It benefits brain development and retinal development of baby even if the birth is premature. Everyone benefits from DHA supplementation. Since infants cannot make their own DHA, they depend on their mother’s placenta during pregnancy and from breast milk after birth. DHA is now also added to over 75% of U.S. infant formulas. The mothers who supplement will also notice a decrease in mood and treatment of post-partum depression.

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