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    Tags: ingredients to prevent stretch marks, ingredients to reduce stretch marks, natural lotion for stretch marks, naturally reduce stretch marks, prevent stretch marks naturally, stretch mark body lotion   

    Natural Ingredients to Reduce Stretch Marks 

    Stretch marks are common, especially among women, and they can occur in areas like the buttocks, thighs, breasts, upper arms, and stomach area. The last thing you want to do is let everyone see them, so you’ll want to find which products contain natural ingredients to reduce those stretch marks.

    Although there are many over the counter treatments available, it is best to naturally reduce stretch marks, since chemicals can be harsh on skin and even cause negative reactions. The natural route will provide you with the best options that really work without causing negative side affects to your skin.

    The Right Nutrients

    One way that you can reduce stretch marks naturally is to ensure you get the right nutrients in the body to help heal and fortify your skin. Foods that have zinc and silica in them will help your body produce collagen. Other essential nutrients needed that will help skin repair and heal include vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Add a supplement or make sure you include these nutrients in your diet.

    Natural supplements for everyone.

    Natural Ingredients

    There are many all natural substances that you can use on your skin that will help you to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Some of them include Shea butter, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, and active Manuka honey. They all include important antioxidants and vitamins that will help you reduce the appearance of these marks, while also moisturizing your skin.

    Quality Natural Products

    You will find that you can naturally reduce stretch marks with quality natural products. Quality products will include natural ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and others to help you eliminate those marks. Instead of spending all of your money on products that don’t work, look for natural products with quality ingredients and great science behind them that will give you the results that you want.

    My recommended product- Xtend Life Age Defying Body Lotion

    Age defying women's body lotion

    Reduce stretch marks naturally with our recommended product

    Soaking in a bath or massaging pure vitamin E oil to the skin is also a great way to reduce the stretch marks. Another tip is to remember to drink lots of water, stay hydrated. Exercises to tone and tighten the skin are also a vital role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

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      Tags: best anti wrinkle eye cream, best eye wrinkle cream, best natural anti aging natural eye cream, best natural eye cream, , xtend tk eye cream   

      3 Tips for Choosing an Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 

      Are you looking to find the best anti wrinkle eye cream in the market? Are you struggling to know what to look for?

      Here are three things you need to look for by reading the labels, doing your research and learning from others if you want to alleviate wrinkles around your eyes.

      Find the Best Eye Wrinkle Cream

      1. Natural Collagen GrowthAny topical cream or gel that has collagen as an ingredient is useless. It cannot be absorbed by the skin because the molecules are too large! Because wrinkles around the eyes are caused by a decreased growth in collagen, you need a cream with ingredients clinically proven to aid your body in creating its own collagen and elastin.To grow collagen internally, you can aid the process by eating a well balancing diet and supplementing your meals with omega 3 capsules and a good quality multivitamin.
      2. Boost Hyaluronic Acid in Your BodyHyaluronic acids acts like a glue between fibrous proteins in your skin, keeps the skin firm and supple. As you age and you lose this acid, it causes wrinkles and sagging skin.Natural ingredients such as Phytessence Wakame have been proven to boost hyaluronic acid so you are able to get smoother skin around your eyes again.
      3. Fight Free RadicalsFree radicals cause oxidation in the body which leads to a breakdown of skin tissue. This causes the wrinkles around your eyes, amongst other problems such as age spots and sagging skin.To counteract them, you eat antioxidant rich foods like blueberries, spinach, broccoli, raw nuts, sunflower seeds and many other fruits and vegetables.You can also get more antioxidants directly to your skin by finding an eye contour serum rich in ingredients such as Active Manuka honey, Homeo Age and Natural vitamin E.

      It can be hard to compare anti wrinkle eye cream effectively but if you do your research and focus on all natural products, you can find creams that will do what they promise and more!

      Best men's eye cream

      Best men’s eye cream

      Best women's eye cream

      Best women’s eye cream

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        Best Oil Free Moisturizer 

        Men's facial fluid

        My recommended moisturiser for men

        When searching for the best oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer, you will want to pay attention to the ingredients on the label. The reason is that not all oils are bad for your skin, but many commonly used ingredients are. You will want a product that is non pore-clogging, or “non-comedogenic”, as it is called.

        Certain natural oils are actually wonderful for your face as a moisturizer, even if you are looking for something that is oil free because you are battling acne, rosacea, or oily skin in general. In fact, just because you suffer from one of these conditions doesn’t mean you don’t need some of the anti aging and anti inflammatory properties of a good moisturizer product. You just have to understand what to look for.

        First of all, you will want to avoid any oil that is petroleum based. Mineral oil or lanolin, for example, are known to cause breakouts in some people. Mineral oil is a common ingredient in many products because it is inexpensive, but it actually isn’t good for you. There are many superior natural moisturizers and emollients, especially for those looking for an oil free product.

        One thing to look for is Babassu oil or wax, a very lightweight ingredient that is easily absorbed into the skin, without any pore-clogging activity. It comes from the Babassu palm from the Brazilian Amazon, and it has been used for centuries to soothe skin. It works great on oily complexions as a gentle moisturizer. This all natural ingredient has many wonderful benefits.

        An excellent emollient is Maracuja passion fruit extract. It contains a natural essential fatty acid that revitalizes and restores a velvety soft complexion. It’s also known to regulate the production of oil or sebum. This is a great choice for an oil free product.

        When it comes to anti aging moisturizers, you will also need some ingredients that both protect from further damage, as well as boost the growth of new collagen and elastin. These are the two proteins that are important for a youthful complexion, with firmer texture. Antioxidants battle free radical damage, which are responsible for wrinkles, age spots, and cellular damage that causes aging signs to appear. One of the best ingredients for regeneration of collagen and elastin is XtendTK, and one of the best potent natural antioxidant ingredients is Phytessence Wakame. For a dramatic anti wrinkle ingredient, look for Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. All of these anti-aging moisturizer ingredients have been proven in scientific studies to reduce or reverse common signs of aging.

        The next time you are shopping for an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer, just read the label carefully. I prefer using all natural ingredients that are safe. Don’t avoid moisturizers and oils just because you have acne or oily skin, just be sure to get the right ingredients that will work for you.

        Age defying day cream

        My recommended moisturiser for women

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          Tags: anti aging skin care, best anti aging ingredients, grapeseed oil, , , , shea butter,   

          Decrease Wrinkles without Damaging Your Skin 

          To decrease wrinkles without damaging skin, you have to be extremely selective about which ingredients you put on your skin. Many products contain harmful ingredients that dry out skin, cause wrinkles and lead to allergic reactions with prolonged use. In order to get a healthy complexion and decrease wrinkles without damaging skin, here are three powerful ingredients that in my opinion are essential in any anti aging wrinkle cream.

          1. Grapeseed oil

          Grapeseed oil is a fantastic antioxidant which fills the skin with moisture and stops it from drying out. This makes the skin more able to absorb nutrients and vitamins and the end result is a decrease in wrinkles and an increased glow and radiance. It has been used on babies with dry skin for years due to it’s amazing skin healing properties.

          2. Shea Butter

          Shea butter is another emollient (moisturizer) that will give your skin a smooth, toned, and velvet feel. To decrease wrinkles without damaging skin your skin needs to retain moisture well and Shea Butter is clinically proven to keep moisture in your skin cells to ensure you look beautiful and much younger than your real age.

          3. Xtend TK

          Xtend TK provides an invisible film on your skin that blocks out dirt and grime and retains moisture to ensure that it can also be absorbed into your cells. Once absorbed, it is scientifically proven to stimulate the new growth of collagen and elastin – two vital proteins your skin needs to decrease wrinkles naturally and give you a healthier, younger appearance. It is a little known ingredient, but you will start to hear about it soon as people are calling it a “real miracle ingredient”.

          If you want to decrease wrinkles naturally, strip years away from your age and banish fine lines, age spots and sagging skin for good: you need to do your research! Find proven natural skin care products that do what they say and you will discover, like I did, that staying young and beautiful is not as difficult as brand name manufacturers would have you believe!

          pure and natural skincare paraben and fragrance free

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            Tags: anti aging facial products, facial cleanser and toner, light face wash, light facial cleanser, , natural anti aging facial cleanser, , natural foaming face wash,   

            Natural Anti Aging Face Wash 

            Ok. If you know me and a dedicated reader to my blog, you know how much I love natural products and natural skin care. You may also know that I’ve been patiently waiting for Xtend-Life to come out with a face wash to add to their natural skin care line. Well, it’s finally here and I can say that I am ecstatic!!! I ordered mine just the other day and I’ll post my review of the product after a few weeks of using it. If it’s like anything else, I’m sure I’ll love it.

            • AMY 15:11 on August 8, 2011 Permalink

              It’s Amy!!!! I’ve been using the face wash for a few weeks now and I have to say again, I LOVE XTEND LIFE products!! It’s packed with all natural ingredients, loaded with powerful antioxidants and leaves my skin super fresh and moisturized. It doesn’t overdry and preps my skin for the rest of my skincare regime. I didn’t expect anything less.

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            Anti Aging Skin Care- For Men Too! 

            Anti Aging Face Cream – Not Just For Women

            My friend was sharing with me that he did something taboo a few months ago. When I asked him what he did, his answer surprised me! He said, “I started using an anti aging face cream.” I couldn’t believe my ears! This big, strong guy was using a face cream, and an anti aging one at that! When I laughed at him, he said, “So what’s the difference between that and you getting ‘new’ hair?”

            He got me there.

            § The product was a natural, all organic, anti aging face cream. It was not some miracle moisturizer, but the manufacturers used scientific research to determine the best natural ingredients that would actually help skin to produce the proteins necessary to keep it looking better.

            § Locating it was as simple as doing a few searches on the internet, by just typing in “anti aging face cream” in any search engine. A ton of information came up, as well as hundreds of different skin products, but mostly advertising geared toward women. Many of the skin care lines did have a specific line of products for men.

            Men's skincare products designed especially for men

            § The last thing he did was a bit of research, reading up on what he found on the internet.

            I realized after talking with him about his natural mens anti aging skincare products that he was using the same product line that I’ve been using and recommending for years- Xtend Life.

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              A Guide to Your Natural Anti-Aging Treatment Routine 

              A proper anti-aging treatment guide is what you need to make your skin care a success. While most women think it is more than hard work to achieve the goal of keeping skin healthy and youthful, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. In fact, if you know the simple steps to having a daily skin care treatment, there won’t be necessarily a need to resort to expensive procedures just to maintain a flawless skin and body.

              To help slow down the effects of aging, you need to understand why the skin wrinkles, sags, and loses the vitality it possesses during youthful days. The simplest explanation for this condition is due to the fact that as the body ages, the skin cells and tissues fail to produce enough important structural proteins, specifically collagens and elastins, which are responsible for making the skin firm and elastic. Due to some damaging factors, production of these proteins slows down affecting the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Since it is these proteins which are greatly responsible in maintaining the skin, it should be these elements which should be targeted when you are undergoing daily skin care routine or anti-aging treatment.

              Here are some essential points regarding the preservation and maintenance of these components to slow down if not stop the signs associated with aging. These can be considered as simple measures to preserve and maintain the glow and vitality of your skin for as long as possible.

              • First of all, human body is generally comprised of 70% water. It may appear that this is a frequently used advice offered by the experts and even non-experts, but drinking enough amount of water everyday is actually fundamental. Keeping your body hydrated is one key to keeping your skin young and clean. Most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water in a daily basis enough for a good skin hydration.

              • What you eat reflects on your outer appearance. So if your diet is poor and contains mostly junks, you will notice that the skin echoes its bad results. A good diet ideal for having healthy and glowing skin must consist of more vitamins and minerals, and lots of antioxidants. You mostly get these nutrients from leafy green vegetables and fruits.

              • Short exposure to sunlight can be beneficial to your health and skin; however it is different story when it is a long exposure. While sunrays provide vitamin D, too much exposure provides harmful UV rays as well; therefore becoming very detrimental to your skin. So when outside, always avoid the sunlight or use good sunscreen or sun blocks to protect your skin.

              If you are going to use anti-aging treatment products or skin care routine, it is advisable that you select those that aid in the following:

              • Collagens and elastics. There are anti-aging treatment products that claim they contain these two important proteins; however, this type of product is not advised since these proteins are too large to be absorbed by the skin pores. What you should choose are products that boosts production of these proteins.

              • Skin nourishment. To achieve supple, vibrant, and young skin, your body must be properly nourished by a good diet and lots of water. You can also get added nutrients from natural supplements.

              • Mild and natural anti-aging skin care treatment. Using mild and natural anti-aging treatment products effectively neutralize results of aging specifically premature skin aging.

              My Recommended Product Line is Xtend Life.

              My Recommended Natural Anti Aging Treatment Product Line

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                I love this gorgeous women and the focus of your faulbous website. But I can’t help but feel conflicted and even concerned about the advertising showcased alongside these aging beauties. Most if not all of the advertising I see on your website features very young and sexy women. Much of the advertising is cheap and mainstream and very much disconnected from the women you feature in your posts. It’s almost as if they are being presented as a farse and a cute and charming hobby of yours, with the message that real beauty is limited to the younger set. It’s a strange experience browsing your posts while at the same time being confronted with tight, sleek twenty-year old bodies in the sidebar. Just wanted to share that with you. Thank you.

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              Tags: increase collagen, , ,   

              How to Increase Collagen Naturally 

              The reality is that we do need collagen. We need the collagen that our bodies produce naturally in our bones, nails, hair, joints and skin. It is crucial in the fight against aging because it keeps our skin firm and wrinkle free. As we get older, this collagen production slows down, sagging our skin and producing wrinkles.

              Skin care and pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that you can simply rub on their cream and suddenly put collagen back into your body. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Natural collagen CANNOT BE ABSORBED IN THE SKIN, the molecules are simply too large. It is a physical impossibility. No matter how much they try to convince you otherwise, you will not put collagen into your skin by simply using a cream or lotion, period.

              You can however, stimulate the body to start producing more collagen by using specific ingredients in creams or lotions. This is a major difference, and actual truth. The problem here is that most companies don’t use the ingredients that can stimulate your system in this way.

              You need to be using Xtend TK, as this has been scientifically proven to increase production naturally. This is an expensive ingredient which is why most manufacturers have yet to start using it in their products. Do some research online and you will find the few companies that do use Xtend TK and you can produce natural collagen and stave off wrinkles for good!

              Can you buy natural collagen?

              The simple answer is yes, of course you can. You can spend thousands of dollars on injections of natural collagen. Of course that is only a temporary fix and you will need to keep going back for more injections forever if you want the effects to last. Are there any other ways to buy natural collagen?

              We have all seen the supplements that claim to be natural collagen in a pill. Sorry folks, this is not natural collagen. This is synthetic or animal protein that is processed and will do very little for your skin, if anything at all. Be very careful about buying these supplements as you could have a very bad reaction to them depending upon what chemicals were used in their creation.

              men's skincare products designed especially for men

              How about all of those wonderful creams and lotions that claim to put collagen back into your skin by simply rubbing them in? No, sorry this won’t work either. Collagen is made up of very large molecules that are entirely too big to be absorbed by the skin. It simply cannot happen. Don’t believe me? Go check it out online; it is a physical impossibility to absorb this protein through your pores.

              Your body naturally produces this protein internally. As you age, this production slows down and as a result you start to see wrinkles and sagging skin. Scientists have found the closest thing to a miracle ingredient available today when it comes to collagen. It is called Xtend TK and it literally stimulates the body to increase its own production of natural collagen. This is the biggest breakthrough skin care has seen in ages!

              It is an expensive ingredient, so not many companies are using it as of yet. However, use the Internet and seek out products with Xtend TK in them if you want to increase the natural collagen in your body. You will be very glad you did as this is as close as you can come to buying this protein for real!

              pure and natural skincare

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                Reverse Aging with Omega 3 Fish Oil 

                What can Omega 3 Fish Oil do for Anti Aging?

                These days there are a lot of concerns about the health and well-being of people. More and more are looking for ways to not just improve their lives, but to extend it well past what used to be considered old age. There are many ways to do this; one of them is through Omega 3 Fish oil. It is an essential fatty acid that is common in many salt-water fish, including salmon, sardines, and tuna. If you don’t like any of these, there are also dietary supplements that you can take as well.

                It has been long known since the nineteen thirties that Omaga 3 fish oil has a lot of beneficial effects for humans, but these benefits have grown over the years, because of more intensive studies. Now it is commonly used for a number of different benefits, from heart health, cleansing the body, as well as for anti aging from the inside out. It helps to reverse the sagging elasticity in your skin, which is one of the most common reasons people start to age. This can reduce or even eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, can help with arthritis, muscle degeneration and gout. In addition, it has been known to help with brain functioning, diabetes and even some cancers.

                Many people ask how does Omega 3 work for anti aging and this is a good question. What fish oil does is provide a natural protection from harmful UV rays, as well as many of the free radicals that are associated with them. If you have skin damage related to the photo aging process, it can reverse these effects. You one of those people who have an over production of melanin, or skin pigmentation, which can cause sunspots or freckles. Omega 3 fish oil is a great inhibitor that can minimize the appearance of these common skin problems.

                Now while there are many different foods that contain Omega 3 fish oil, there are some things to note. One of them is that many people just don’t or can’t eat enough to make a worthwhile difference. Even tuna, which has the most, .21-1.11 grams per serving, still isn’t enough in one serving to make much of a difference in small quantities. Another problem is that many of these foods also contain Omega 6; almost ten times the amount over Omega 3 and this is not good for you. The ratio should be twice the Omega 3 than 6. Many people choose to use supplements rather than risk consuming so much of the wrong kind.

                Now it is important to understand that Omega 3 fish oil isn’t a cure all for these problems. If you want to stay healthy and prolong your life, you also need to do other things as well. Staying active, getting enough sleep at night, eating right, etc., is what you need to be healthy and vibrant well into your ’70s and ’80s, even beyond.

                There is an abundance of information about Omega 3 fish oil. You can find out what other benefits you can have from taking this as a supplement, or adding certain fish as part of your diet. You can also find out the best ways of consuming fish oil, as well as how much you should take on a daily basis.

                Here are my recommended supplements from Xtend Life:

                Omega 3 / DHA Premium

                Omega 3 / DHA Premium

                Omega 3/ DHA Fish Oil

                Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil Premium

                Omega Ultra

                Omega Ultra

                To learn more about these supplements and the differences or help choosing which one is right for you, visit Xtend-Life’s website. They even have online help desk for questions.

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                  Tags: double chin, facial exercise, facial exercises for double chin, firm sagging skin, sagging skin exercise, tighten sagging skin   

                  Facial Exercises for Sagging Skin 

                  Can Facial Exercises reduce sagging skin?

                  Anti-aging regimens are at their peak thanks to the insecurities that come with sagging skin. When we lose that collagen and elasticity in the largest organ our body has to offer, most of us are quick to find a solution. My recommendation is to use only natural skin care products and to do some simple facial exercises at home.

                  • The Whole Face- This is a two-part exercise that requires you to clinch your fists, inhale through your nose, and squeeze all your facial muscles at the same time. The second part involves sticking out your tongue as far as possible and exhaling out your mouth while rolling the eyes upward. Try it 3 times and that will do it.
                  • The Trumpet Player- If you want to get rid of wrinkles then hold your breath so it looks like you’re playing the trumpet. Try to hold for 1 minute and then exhale slowly through the nose.
                  • The Double Chin- Just look up at the ceiling and pretend you’re going to kiss it. This only needs to be done 5 times and you will feel the tightness in your neck.

                  Hope this helps! Try to do them every day.

                  • 09:28 on April 10, 2011 Permalink

                    Thank you for these facial exercises! They are fun to do when you get over feeling self conscience, do them in private! I so agree the tip is to use ‘natural’ skin care, but they might also contain chemical ingredients.

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