Reverse Aging with Omega 3 Fish Oil

What can Omega 3 Fish Oil do for Anti Aging?

These days there are a lot of concerns about the health and well-being of people. More and more are looking for ways to not just improve their lives, but to extend it well past what used to be considered old age. There are many ways to do this; one of them is through Omega 3 Fish oil. It is an essential fatty acid that is common in many salt-water fish, including salmon, sardines, and tuna. If you don’t like any of these, there are also dietary supplements that you can take as well.

It has been long known since the nineteen thirties that Omaga 3 fish oil has a lot of beneficial effects for humans, but these benefits have grown over the years, because of more intensive studies. Now it is commonly used for a number of different benefits, from heart health, cleansing the body, as well as for anti aging from the inside out. It helps to reverse the sagging elasticity in your skin, which is one of the most common reasons people start to age. This can reduce or even eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, can help with arthritis, muscle degeneration and gout. In addition, it has been known to help with brain functioning, diabetes and even some cancers.

Many people ask how does Omega 3 work for anti aging and this is a good question. What fish oil does is provide a natural protection from harmful UV rays, as well as many of the free radicals that are associated with them. If you have skin damage related to the photo aging process, it can reverse these effects. You one of those people who have an over production of melanin, or skin pigmentation, which can cause sunspots or freckles. Omega 3 fish oil is a great inhibitor that can minimize the appearance of these common skin problems.

Now while there are many different foods that contain Omega 3 fish oil, there are some things to note. One of them is that many people just don’t or can’t eat enough to make a worthwhile difference. Even tuna, which has the most, .21-1.11 grams per serving, still isn’t enough in one serving to make much of a difference in small quantities. Another problem is that many of these foods also contain Omega 6; almost ten times the amount over Omega 3 and this is not good for you. The ratio should be twice the Omega 3 than 6. Many people choose to use supplements rather than risk consuming so much of the wrong kind.

Now it is important to understand that Omega 3 fish oil isn’t a cure all for these problems. If you want to stay healthy and prolong your life, you also need to do other things as well. Staying active, getting enough sleep at night, eating right, etc., is what you need to be healthy and vibrant well into your ’70s and ’80s, even beyond.

There is an abundance of information about Omega 3 fish oil. You can find out what other benefits you can have from taking this as a supplement, or adding certain fish as part of your diet. You can also find out the best ways of consuming fish oil, as well as how much you should take on a daily basis.

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