Collagen increase by the use of creams Fact or Fiction?

This is a tricky question and major companies have found very creative ways to avoid it completely. They want you to believe that by rubbing on their lotion or cream collagen increase occurs through absorption. Sorry to burst that bubble of hope, but it simply is not true!

The facts are simple:
· The body naturally produces collagen
· As we age, that natural production decreases
· Decreasing collagen means sagging and wrinkling skin
· Collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin or pores

These are simple but true statements that break through the falsehoods of big industry marketing. When you read the labels on your skin care products, if you see collagen as an ingredient you know you are being misled.
The only collagen that can help your skin is made by the human body. Some companies use synthetic collagen, but that will never help your skin. You simply cannot put more collagen in your body by rubbing on a cream!
You can increase the body’s production of natural collagen by using certain scientifically proven ingredients. This is true. Again, you are not putting collagen into your body; you are stimulating your body to produce it naturally. These ingredients include, Xtend TK, Avocado oil and Babassu oil. These have been proven to make a long term difference in how much collagen the body produces, thereby keeping your skin looking youthful and smooth.

Learn to read the labels and know what to look for! Avoid synthetics, fragrances, mineral oil and preservatives! All of those things will dry out your skin and actually cause more wrinkles in the process.
Collagen increase can only occur within the body. You can pay for costly injections, but this is a temporary fix. A little knowledge can go a long way to save you time, money and frustration.

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