Collagen Increase in your body

Collagen Increase in Your Body

Lately I have been hearing all kinds of reports and reading various internet articles on how to increase the levels of collagen in your skin. It has been a real education because I had no idea that there were factual, scientific reasons behind my recent development of wrinkles on my face, as well as my neck. This frustrated me because my regular face moisturizer just didn’t seem to work any more. From what I learned, I needed to create a significant collagen increase in my skin to reverse the signs of aging. But to do this, I also had to understand what collagen was all about so I could figure out how to increase it.

Collagen is a natural protein produced in both humans and animals. It is the “elastin,” or what gives us our skin elasticity, as well as what holds our tendons, muscles and blood vessels together. The problem with collagen is that as our bodies age, our number of collagen cells not only decrease, but our bodies slow down processing new collagen molecules. On top of that, there are these tiny little molecules called “free radicals” that are kind of like loners. They attach themselves to good protein molecules and can make them into “bad” ones.

The way to combat this seemingly disastrous situation is to help your skin re-build collagen. Increase your use of natural skin care products, add specific organic supplements to your diet, and even use a liquid collagen that mixes with water and is ingested. There are many natural ingredients in some skin care products that will assist with this process, but you must do your research and learn what they are.

Take your time in your investigation. To really tackle the problem, learn the proper ingredients that will assist the production of your collagen, increase your skin care regime to incorporate skin care products that use natural ingredients, and remember to adjust your diet as well. Your skin will be glad you took the time to care for it.

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